Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Thank you for your interest in performing work and/or providing products/services to The Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers.

By registering as a vendor with the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers (HACFM), your company name and information will become available to the Procurement Official as a sourcing mechanism only. There is no guarantee implied that your company will be notified on procurements which fall under the company's line of business as identified under the commodity codes list. No work/contract is guaranteed.

Vendor Payments:
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

We thank you for your continued interest to do business with the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Myers (HACFM).

Vendors are to submit all invoices electronically to Accounts Payable: Jeanette(at) Include the Purchase Order Number on the invoice or if there is no purchase order include a full description along with delivery location.

Effective July 1, 2019 HACFM will no longer issues paper check payments. All invoices will be paid through ACH. This means our payment to you will be deposited directly into a checking account specified by you.

If you are current vendor receiving payments from HACFM and have not filled out the ACH form, please do so and return to HACFM, ATTN: Finance, 4224 Renaissance Preserve Way, Fort Myers, FL 33916 or email to: [email protected]

Vendor Responsibilities
HACFM vendors are expected to:

Notify Procurement of any name, telephone, address change, ACH Payment updates, etc.

Do not supply materials and services to the HACFM without a purchase order and/or contract in place authorized by the HACFM Procurement Officer and/or Executive Director.

Read all detailed specifications and solicitation documents and comply with all instructions and required conditions. Any addition, deviation or omission may be grounds for disqualification.

Vendors who do not fully understand a request should contact the Procurement Officer to gain a better understanding of the item/service/project requested.

Bids/Proposals must be submitted on or before the time specified for closing or bids/proposals will be deemed non-responsive.

Contact: Receptionist (239)344-3220

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