Friday, May 14, 2021
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HACFM has continued to seek new and innovative ways to provide affordable housing to families in need. As a result of our pioneering efforts, this agency has grown to now include a nonprofit affiliate, Southwest Florida Affordable Housing Choice Foundation, Inc. The nonprofit was created in order to have a clear separation between our HUD controlled public housing properties and non-subsidized affordable housing properties that are acquired. The non-profit affiliate of the housing authority has dual serving boards. Through the nonprofit affiliate, this agency now has the ability to apply for funding that may only be available to 501(C)3 entities. These additional funding opportunities will be used to enhance and increase the number of affordable housing options throughout the Lee County community.
NSP Lee County
As Nonprofit Developer, Southwest Florida Affordable Housing Choice Foundation Inc. has a contract with Lee County Department of Human Services/ Lee County Board of County Commissioners to provide affordable rental housing through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Currently, there are three developments under construction; Covington Meadows (located in Lehigh Acres), Broadway Apartments, and Stella Apartments (located in central Fort Myers).
NSP Cape Coral
Nonprofit Developer Southwest Florida Affordable Housing Choice Foundation also has a contract with the City of Cape Coral Department of Community Development Planning and Growth Management Division/ City of Cape Coral Board of Commissioners to provide affordable rental housing through the NSP program.
The NSP target area was determined by the boundaries set forth by the City of Cape Coral. The target area is limited to properties within the city limits. This development will have a projected completion date of no later than early 2013.
To Apply for Housing
Although the NSP rental housing does not have subsidized rents, there are income restrictions for occupancy. NSP Federal Guidelines determine what families are eligible to live in these developments. If you are interested in learning more about any of our NSP developments please use the following links.

Affordable Housing Options
Affordable Housing Options
Covington Meadows
Broadway Apartments Link
Stella Apartments Link
Future Cape Coral Property Link

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