Thursday, August 22, 2019
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For Interim Changes

• Resident must fill out a Client Update Form (see form below)

• Client Update Form must be complete with dates and signatures

• Client Update Form should have attached all necessary paperwork such as pay check stubs, birth certificate, termination notice, social security card, complete address of old or new employee etc.

For Annual Recertification

• Residents must attend scheduled meeting

• Residents must have all paperwork filled prior (before) the scheduled meeting

• Residents must bring all required documents to Annual Recertification meeting such as Social Security cards, picture ID, pay check stubs, food stamp print outs, child support documents, utility bills etc…

Community Service

All public housing residents between the ages of 18 and 61 are required, as mandated by HUD, to complete 8 hours of community service per month.

Resident EXEMPTED from having to perform community service are:

1. Individuals who are working 30 hours per week

2. Full-time students

3. Anyone participating in and Economic Self-Sufficiency Program

4. Has a disability which prevents them from working

5. Receiving TANF and participating in a required ESF program

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