Friday, May 14, 2021
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Resident Council
The Resident Council Association is an organization made up of residents working together to help make a better life for everyone. The Council represents all residents interpreting to the property manager the needs and interests of residents, and acts as a good neighbor to families. Residents working together can also do much to improve the appearance of the community and create a congenial atmosphere. The Resident Council also represents the concerns of the residents by working with the Housing Authority and the police department.

Please consider attending the monthly resident council meetings to find out about activities / events in your community.

Resident Councils & Meetings
* Bonair Towers - Second Monday 4:00 PM
* Horizons – Third Wednesday 3:00 PM
* Royal Palm Towers – First Tuesday 4:00 PM
* Southward Village – Third Thursday 3:00 PM
* Renaissance Senior - Second Tuesday 10:00 AM
* Renaissance Family - Second Tuesday 3:00 PM


Community Partner InformationRe

Rental and Utility Assistance from LEE CARES ASSISTANCE

Here are the requirements:

Required Documents

  • Photo ID: for all household members age 18 and over. ID must have a Date of Birth.
  • Social Security Card: for all household members
  • Income Information for all household members 18 and over Entire house s gross income within the last 30 days.
    • Most recent month s bank statement
    • Paystubs, etc.
    • Social Security, SSI, VA: We need CURRENT award letters showing your gross award for all household members
    • Pension: Current benefit statement with gross benefit amount listed
    • Unemployment: Verify current gross rate online / Please provide Pin#:
    • Child Support: last 30 days, bank statements may be acceptable
    • TANF: submit current month award notice
    • Food Stamp award letter showing your benefit & household members
  • Proof of loss or reduction income and/or unexpected medical or funeral expenses i.e. Receipts, paystubs, paid bills, exc.
  • Lease, shelter statement, or proof of homeownership
  • Past Due or Eviction Notice
  • Electric bill(current bill or deposit account number) If your LCEC bill is in someone else s name, please provide PIN#
  • Water Bill (current bill or deposit account number)
  • Utility Allowance: if you are receiving Section 8 and a utility allowance. You must provide proof that you have paid this allowance to your utility bill each month before we can assist



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